As many of you know, I’m a big fan of website, you can see my profile (, all my music go there, through the Amarok music player 🙂

Today I entered there and saw a new tab there, called “Events”. I clicked there and got very surprised, it listed all events from São Paulo, BR, showing the band, the day, the place and also who is going to attend it, a very nice feature 🙂

So, after looking all shows that it’s going to happen here I saw that Jethro Tull is going to play here at April, 28, big and good news, if you go there you’ll see that I’ll also attending it :), it’s only missing the tickets, but I guess I’ll buy it in this weekend 😉 team, keep up the good work, it’s a very nice site.

For the guys who don’t know what is, I got the answer from it’s website: is a service that keeps track of what music you listen to, and then produces a large number of features personalised to you. You can use to listen to music, find out about artists you may like, other people with similar music taste, gigs in your local area, charts and quilts for your personal site, as well as much more.”

That’s it!