This week, a friend of mine, Luis Felipe, sent an email commenting about the slashdot’s post A Look At Free Quake3 Engine Based Games, telling that many people were talking about the game Nexuiz, a First Person Shooter game that’s based on a heavily modified Quake 1 Engine. People were saying that the game is really exciting, and the best of all, it’s Free Software, licensed with GPL-2. So, after knowing that was a free software game, I decided to take it a shot, and here is the results.

For luck, Gentoo has an ebuild for it, so, in just a few minutes I was able to start playing with it.

When I opened the game, I got very surprised, the game’s graphics and the sound are really great. So, after configuring my player, I tried to play the game in the internet, and got surprised again, we have lots of servers, and in many of them there’re many people playing too.

In the past, I played Quake and UT a lot, I really like fast First Person Shooter Games, and Nexuiz was showing that the game was one of this kind.

Resuming, I played a lot, and really enjoyed the experience of playing it, the game is very nice, from graphics through music and gameplay. There’re many maps to play, and I played at DeathMach and Capture the Flag modes, it’s really nice.

And, of course, after playing it I decided to see it’s source code, what’s the best part, I can read, learn, distribute and modify it, really really cool 🙂

So, if you’re a gamer, as me, and loves free software, please, take it a shot, it’s very possible that you’ll enjoy playing it.

My screenshots:
Nexuiz Screenshot 1
Nexuiz Screenshot 2
Nexuiz Screenshot 3
Nexuiz Screenshot 4
Nexuiz Screenshot 5
Nexuiz Screenshot 6
Nexuiz Screenshot 7