Still alive :)

Let me put some life here again, since it’s quite a while since my last post 😛

Well, I was quite busy these last months, working a lot to test every Enterprise distros that IBM supports (for those who don’t know I’m currently working at IBM – Linux Technology Center, specifically at the Linux on Power Test Team) and at my free time I was always trying to find how to turn Autotest and Linux Test Project better, but forgot completely to post here :).

But, now I’m starting to get a little more time and also some more interesting stuff to post here ;). At my job I’m now moving to a new team at LTC that’s going to work with development of many Linux device drivers. I’m very happy to get this opportunity because now I finally can work and learn more with stuff directly related with kernel 🙂

Another great stuff that happened (and it’s not related with computer) is that I started to listen to the Nine Inch Nails band, and I really enjoyed it, you can see at my profile that’s almost beating Pink Floyd! If you like industrial music I really recommends you to take a look at it 😉 (it’s the kind of music that’s really good when you’re programming :).

Well, I guess that’s all for today, I promise to try to post more here 🙂