Trac and Git

You all know that Trac is an excellent tool to maintain software projects. You have the bug and feature interface (tickets), a wiki to write all the documentation you need and a place to browse the source code of your project.

Mamona, the project that I’m working now at INdT also use it, but we also use Git as our version control system, but if you already use Trac you know that there’s no official support for git yet, so the “browse source” is not useful here.

To deal with this I started looking if we have any plugin that could let Trac deal with Git, and I found GitPlugin, tried to install it at our server and everything now seems to be integrated and working fine. The only issue that I found is that it doesn’t support multiple repositories yet, so I just added mamona.git at Trac (to access the tools.git you have to use gitweb). There’s already a ticket for this problem, , but I don’t think that we’re going to have this feature soon.

Besides this problem it’s now looking fine, take a look at