Planet INdT

Last month I decided to play a little with Planet to see how easy was to add a “real” planet for INdT and surprisingly (or not, it’s made with python 😉 ) it was quite easy to set it up, so, I decided to create it :-).

As at the time I didn’t have access to any public machine where I could host the planet, I was using it just at my local machine to show how easy is working with Planet.

Now that I got my own domain and hosting service, I decided to move it to to have free access from everyone that want to take a look at it.

So, take a look at Planet INdT, where I added everyone that works at INdT and have a public blog. I also added the hackergotchis I found, but it’s missing for most of the feeds.

Please, if you also work at INdT and have a public blog that’s not there, or have a hackergotchi for your profile, just email me, I’ll add at the planet and soon it’ll be showing at the planet front page 🙂


Ok, so I finally got my own domain and hosting to put my stuff without worrying about letting my own machine running 24/7 with dynamic ip address and dns resolution.

For the moment I’m hosting it at DreamHost. It’s not that expensive and it let you access it by a ssh connection (on a debian machine).

I already got my own git repositories :-), by using it with webdav, quite easy to set it up.

Now it’s easier to share anything I want, and with git everything it’s even easier ;-).