Mamona with virtual keyboard at N770

These latest weeks we’ve been working to get the virtual keyboard on Mamona. We first studied Hildon Input Method and it’s framework, but it was not exactly what we wanted.

After researching a little more, with suggestion of trickie, we decided to try matchbox-keyboard, and realized that it was almost what we wanted, it’s simple, fast and doesn’t depend on any toolkit.

Then, we got to a final solution, that’s to let matchbox-keyboard working with enlightenment, and with the same behavior as maemo with hildon-input-method.

Here it’s a demo of what you get if you build the latest version of mamona (running on N770 :-):

How to get to this:
Patches on matchbox-keyboard, mostly by Aloisio;
Enlightenment Patches, also by Aloisio;
Mamona Input Methods that works with ecore and gtk;
Mamona-IM Enlightenment Applet

We’re still working on to get matchbox-keyboard patches upstream, but, if you need them, you can get at mamona git repository.

Please, use it and test if everything is working fine, or at least as expected :-). In case you want to report any bug, please open a ticket at mamona’s trac and we’ll work on it as fast as we can :-).

Thanks Aloisio for working with Matchbox-Keyboard and Enlightenment, Lauro for working on the first draft of mamona-input-methods and Tiago Buarque for the applet icons!


New toy, finally the GNU!

Today INdT gave a couple of cool itens that we got from free software foundation for those who work here, but even not being selected to get one of them (we decided by a random number that python was giving) everyone in the room said that I should get the GNU (thanks everyone :D), a cool new toy that was missing at my collection of cool stuff 🙂

Here’s a photo of the gnu, thanks everyone for the support, you guys rocks! 🙂


Long live Free Software!

And, happy hacking 😀