Finally, my beagleboard :-)

beagleboard starting

beagleboard starting

Today I finally had a chance to put my hands at my beagleboard! My lovely girlfriend brought it from her trip to USA 🙂

This is just the beginning, just booted it to test if it was working ok, still need to get the serial port working to let the fun part begin!

First step is to boot Mamona and get everything we already have at OE so we could integrate one more board at Mamona 😉

Beagleboard is a really great idea and a fun toy, it’s like keesj said, the hardware is just sexy 🙂

If you don’t know what exactly is the Beagleboard project, I recommend you to take a closer look at it’s really cool to see all the movement on this little board 🙂

Hope to post more about it soon 😉