and Early Adopter Program

Today it was finally released the new PandaBoard website, showing everything you wanted to know about the new community oriented OMAP 4 board.

If you are already used with BeagleBoard, Panda should be similar in some way, but now deploying the latest OMAP 4 SoC and tons of new stuff.

What you can find at the PandaBoard:
– Dual Core ARM Cortex™ A9 powered by OMAP4430
– PowerVR SGX 2D/3D Graphic Accelerator
– WLAN, BT and FM by WL1271
– DVI-D and HDMI support
– 2x USB Host + Ethernet by LAN 9514
– Mini USB with OTG support
– RS-232 UART
– LCD and Generic Expansion and more

Software Support:

Another good thing is that much of the software support is already available at omapzoom, like Kernel, X-Loader and U-Boot. Upstream kernel is still missing some patches, but there’s a lot of work going on linux-omap, so expect at least basic support from upstream soon. For bootloader you can already use U-Boot from upstream, as Sakoman did an awesome work doing the Pandaboard and OMAP 4 support.

Early Adopter Program:

While PandaBoard is still not out for general public you can already participate at the Early Adopter Program and luckly get a board for free (and first than everyone else)! All you need to do is go to and propose a cool open source project that could take use of it. The board is really small and powerful, think about running Ubuntu, MeeGo or any other distro and getting 3D support, 1080p video decode and more! Lots of ideas, for sure.

If you’re interested don’t waste your time and join the still small PandaBoard community, joining the mailing list and IRC channel #pandaboard at FreeNode.

Happy hacking!