BOSSA’10 – Presentation submission deadline extended

Bossa Conference 2010

After some people’s requests, it’s nice to hear that the BOSSA committee decided to extend the call for presentation to January 17, 2010.

This is the first year that the conference is doing a call for presentation, so if you are working with free and open source technologies related to mobile embedded platforms, please submit an abstract of your presentation at

The conference will be held in Manaus, Amazonas – Brazil, a different city from the other years. As always, it’ll be an awesome conference, having lots of interesting talks and people, and also the opportunity to hack and discuss new ideas πŸ™‚

If you have something with Qt, WebKit, Android, OpenEmbedded, Linux Kernel, Maemo, etc, please, go there and try it out, I guarantee that if accepted, you won’t regret!

See you there!

Yet another another FISL 10 report

So, as I told at the previous post, I went to FISL 10 last week, also with the opportunity to give a presentation about OpenEmbedded and Mamona.

The conference was quite good this year, not because the level of the technical presentations, but because a lot of important people from many communities went there also. The talks after the presentations, and also at the bar, were the most productive part of the event πŸ™‚

My presentation was actually quite cool, with many people interested in OpenEmbedded and also how to hack those Nokia Tablet Devices.

For those who can read portuguese, follow this link to get the presentation.

Some photos (Copyright from Otubo):

In the future I guess FISL will also let the videos of all presentations, so you can download it and see how it went.

Let’s see how the next FISL is going to be, but for sure I’ll try to participate again πŸ™‚

OpenEmbedded and Mamona at Fisl 10

For those who are going to FISL this year, I’m going to make a presentation about OpenEmbedded and Mamona, showing how the OE woks and also how OE can support so many different machines, distros and packages.

The presentation is going to happen this wednesday (24/06) at 17h. If you are planning to understand more about how the embedded environment works, learn about it’s problems and how OE is handling that, you can’t miss it πŸ˜‰

Besides the presentation I’m quite happy that I’m going to meet some good old friends. Hopefully we’ll learn more about what each other are doing and also to drink some beers together πŸ™‚

See you all there πŸ™‚

Mamona Gentoo Overlay

At this weekend I finally had some time to work on something that I was in debt for a while, a gentoo overlay for Mamona.

If you’re a Gentoo user and want to test and run Mamona at your favorite distribuition, you now just need to install Mamona overlay and emerge mamona-installer.

For installation procedure just access Mamona Gentoo Overlay wiki page.

List of ebuilds at the moment:

  • cdebootstrap
  • mamona-installer
  • reprepro
  • 0xFFFF
  • mic
  • libdebian-installer (required by cdebootstrap)

Code at;a=summary

Network Manager, hal 0.5.11 and Gentoo

In case you’re using Network Manager at Gentoo, with a wireless driver using phy80211, you’ll probably notice that with a more recent kernel version your wireless device started showing itself as a wired one at Network Manager.

This happens basically because hal 0.5.11 has a bug that it shows the wrong information about the device, and Network Manager believes in hal.

To fix this just apply the patch showed at bug #246026. I made a backport of 2 patches from latest hal version so I could still use hal 0.5.11 with my ath9k driver.

Hopes that this gets into Gentoo soon.

News from Mamona and myself

It’s been a while since I don’t post anything here. At this time I’ve been working hard at some internal projects inside INdT (also enjoying a small vacation seeing some old good friends πŸ™‚ ).

Today we just merged a lot of patches at Mamona tree, getting the most we can from other projects and pushing them upstream, so everyone could enjoy the work done.

Differences you’ll notice at the head revision:

  • Network Manager 0.7
  • New netm-cli version supporting NM 0.7
  • New revisions for e-wm and efl
  • Boot time improvements
  • Image size improvements
  • Lots of small improvements and bug fixing

Now (finally!) the next move is getting all patches and moving them to another branch, so we can push them to OE. It’s been a while since we want to work on this, let’s see how it goes now.

Will post here when we’ll start the work, so you can help us if you want πŸ™‚