Yet another another FISL 10 report

So, as I told at the previous post, I went to FISL 10 last week, also with the opportunity to give a presentation about OpenEmbedded and Mamona.

The conference was quite good this year, not because the level of the technical presentations, but because a lot of important people from many communities went there also. The talks after the presentations, and also at the bar, were the most productive part of the event 🙂

My presentation was actually quite cool, with many people interested in OpenEmbedded and also how to hack those Nokia Tablet Devices.

For those who can read portuguese, follow this link to get the presentation.

Some photos (Copyright from Otubo):

In the future I guess FISL will also let the videos of all presentations, so you can download it and see how it went.

Let’s see how the next FISL is going to be, but for sure I’ll try to participate again 🙂

INdT and the Arena at FISL 9.0

This year INdT is helping to organize the Arena contest at FISL, and also Nokia will give N95 and N800 as prizes for the winners.

I’d also like to invite everyone that’s going to FISL and loves to hack, to join Arena and try to hack/solve the problems. It’s not a normal contest, more free software oriented. So everyone that already hack and develop any kind of free software, please at least try, it’ll be fun 😀

We (INdT) will also be looking for potential future co-workers, so you could get some fun hacking, winning some cool devices and will also have the opportunity to join us :-), and there’s nothing better than be payed to work with free software and at a such cool place.

I’m not going to FISL this year, but if you go there you’ll probably get in touch with some of our developers, you can then ask more about what we do 🙂

Instructions to join Arena:

Happy hacking!