ARM Porting Jam this Friday!

For those following the development of the next Ubuntu release (12.04 – Precise Pangolin), you all know that we’re quite close to the release date already, and to make sure Precise rocks since day 0, we all need to work hard to get most of the bugs sorted out during the next few weeks.

At Linaro, the Linaro Developer Platform team will be organizing an ARM porting Jam this Friday, with the goal of getting all developers interested in fixing and working on bugs and portability issues related with the Ubuntu ARM port (mostly issues with ARMHF at the moment).

The idea of having the Porting Jam at Friday is to have it as a joint effort with Ubuntu’s Fix Friday and Ubuntu Global Jam, so expect quite a few other developers helping improving Ubuntu as well!

It’s quite easy to participate:

Remember that for ARM this release will be a quite huge milestone, as it’ll be the first LTS release supporting ARM, besides delivering support for ARM servers and ARMHF as default, so let’s make sure it rocks!

Looking forward for a great porting Jam!

Happy bug fixing!


OpenEmbedded and Mamona at Fisl 10

For those who are going to FISL this year, I’m going to make a presentation about OpenEmbedded and Mamona, showing how the OE woks and also how OE can support so many different machines, distros and packages.

The presentation is going to happen this wednesday (24/06) at 17h. If you are planning to understand more about how the embedded environment works, learn about it’s problems and how OE is handling that, you can’t miss it 😉

Besides the presentation I’m quite happy that I’m going to meet some good old friends. Hopefully we’ll learn more about what each other are doing and also to drink some beers together 🙂

See you all there 🙂

Editing OpenEmbedded and Bitbake files with syntax highlighting at Vim

Now that I’m currently working with OpenEmbedded at Mamona, I often have to edit and create new ‘bb’ files (the definition and instructions to build packages or define configurations, like ebuilds for Gentoo).

After working with ebuilds to build a few packages, I was really comfortable with the syntax highlighting and new ebuild templates that I have with Vim, but didn’t found anything like that for Bitbake and OpenEmbedded.

First searching for syntax highlighting for Bitbake, I found that Chris Larson already created a Vim syntax file that covered almost everything I need, but was a little bit different from what we have with ebuilds, so I decided to create my own syntax (based on Chris’) and template plugin.

Here’s the code, I just released the version 0.1, it’s quite easy to install, just like any other vim syntax and plugins, just copy the directories at your ~/.vim (sorry emacs users, but this is only for Vim 😉

I’m probably not covering everything from the OpenEmbedded/Bitbake syntax, but it’s quite good for now. If you see any red text around at your code just email me and I’ll try to fix it (patches are also welcome).

It was quite fun to develop for Vim, it’s not that different from any other language and it has many good help files where you can find every allowed syntax that you can use in your script.

Here are some screenshots from bb files and the template plugin:

* Syntax Highlighting:
vim syntax

* Template for new bb files (just open a new file that ends with ‘.bb’):
vim template
The template plugin will try to find your user name and email by your global git conf.

Thanks Chris for his syntax file and for the gentoo developers, who created the gentoo-syntax package.